Yesterday, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, Jews around the world commemorated

On April 27, ceremonies were held around the world to commemorate those who died in death camps in Germany, Poland and other European countries during World War II. Flags were lowered, prayers were offered, the ashes of the dead were buried and tears were shed. From these observations, the Jews pledge to continue the fight against anti-Semitism and the threat to Israel’s survival as a Jewish homeland.

Since the election of Donald Trump and his defeat, the rise of white nationalist activity in mainstream conservative politics has reminded American Jews that Nazism survives in the United States as part of a base for Trump supporters. During the January 6 uprising, members of the Trump crowd, wearing T-shirts with anti-Semitic slogans, attacked the Capitol with hatred and levels of white supremacy, reminding them of Hitler’s reign of terror.

Why have white supremacists and Nazis become so bold since Trump became president? It all started when his basic principles were “If you are not white then Trump does not want you around”. The Muslim ban, the lockdown on the “Brown People” frontier, the Charlottesville Nazi March remarks, the “good people on both sides” and the insult to the Black Lives Matter movement were dog whistles that publicly encouraged anti-Semitism. Express hatred towards non-whites, non-Christians. American Jews have been gaslit in support of Trump’s Israel. He spoke in support of the Israeli government, but said that maintaining some independence was important for the White House. While he is respected by anti-Semitic groups and still maintains his support for his political goals, he has not condemned them with the same passion and frequency as President Biden.
The anti-Semitic party The Proud Boys and other white nationalist groups appeared in the Capitol Building for Trump on January 6. Many wore merchandise to celebrate the Holocaust and used violence to stop the peaceful transfer of power. During the uprising, Trump was seen by White House staff enjoying violence in his honor. He did not denounce the anti-Semitism displayed by many of his supporters. Trump’s hatred of immigrants and refugees is just one of many signs of his racism. The elimination of many non-white people from America has attracted the attention of groups whose main target of hatred is Jews. Obviously being anti-Semitic would ruin the careers of any US politician. However, Trump is skilled at secret bigotry and does not seem to be bothered by violent crimes against Jews. Silence in the midst of injustice shows tolerance towards it.
America will reject the white nationalist ideology in the medium term because they have defeated Donald Trump without re-election. The light of bigotry will shine in the politics propagated like cancer by the Jews through the Republican Party.

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