Who radicalized Bate Midler? Controversial “anti-Muslim” memes have been posted on him

People are starting to wonder who did the “radical” old actress Bett Midler?

Her Twitter account has become more disgusting and disgusting than usual… and it has all been revealed over the weekend.

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Bate posted a racist meme featuring Justice Thomas and his wife the other day and he was very upset.

Here is the meme he posted:

A few days later, he actually posted a tweet about The transgender movement Many on the right agree, but it angers the far left:

Here is what Bette said: “Women of the world! Our bodies, our lives and even our names are being taken away! They no longer call us “women”; They call us “people who give birth” or “menstruating”, or even “vaginal people”! Don’t let them delete you! Everyone in the world is indebted to you! ”

Now, another controversial tweet has been shown on Bet’s page.

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This is another meme, and liberals are calling it “Islamophobic.”

This is a picture of SCOTUS judges, where “conservative” judges are dressed like Muslims

Liberals, already angry at him for the transgender tweet, saw it once and went crazy.

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Here is what a mix of right and left people said online:

“Just fu ** ing it off. Seriously. Shut up. I’m a liberal and it’s getting too much. Stop.”

“It simply came to our notice then. Racist, transphobic and Islamophobic. What next? “

“Being transphobic and Islamophobic on the same 4th weekend of July? Give yourself some time to breathe! ”

“Ah well that’s why we moved from transphobia to Islamophobia. Great job, Betty. You lost a fan ”

You know, when he’s cool, he’ll delete it. “

“This woman is one of the most disgusting leftists out there and it says a lot.”

“Remember friends, homophobia, Islamophobia and any other phobia is okay when we liberals do it. But don’t you dare! ”

“The real problem is the old, rich white liberal women.”

“You see Islamophobia, Betty.”

“Is this woman drunk?”

“Someone take his phone. I’m begging.”

“9/11 really destroyed some people’s brains”

“Suspicion is helpful to be involved with Betty Midler, but this kind of thing is lazy, stupid, racist and very deeply aggressive.”

“Did you notice that it’s not the Conservatives who are racist, it’s actually the Dames? Anyone ???? ”

Yes, I have noticed that the Left is very racist and hateful, and the average American is also noticing.

The left is a hostile community.

And if you do not follow their religion, they will cut off your limbs.

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Very tolerant.

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