While the shortage of child resources continues, Bill Gates has invested heavily in “Lab-Grown”

As you probably know, at the moment we are in need of a child formula.

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American parents are scared, because grocery store shelves are emptied in minutes, and they drive for hours to find baby formula to feed their babies.

To make matters worse, we are told that Biden is putting shelves at the border with baby formulas for illegal aliens. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, Biden and Demra are “America’s Last” and only care about cultivating new voters.

So, the condition of the baby formula is bad now, and while I was looking for more information about the deficit, something happened that I thought you might find interesting.

Did you know that last year, Bill Gates invested heavily in a new startup company that wanted to make “Lab-Grown” breast milk?

Yeah, what a coinkydink, right?

Green Queen reports that Biomilk, a woman-founded biotech developing lab-raised breast milk, has received funding from Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures in its latest series. Co-led by Breakthrough and Danish investor Novo Holdings, the round will help Biomilk accelerate plans to launch cell-culture human breast milk and disrupt the multi-billion dollar infant formula industry over the next four years.

Biomilq announced the end of its Series A funding round on Wednesday (October 20) with 21 million. North Carolina-based biotech has attracted funding from existing investor Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a sustainable VC firm founded by Bill Gates, and Danish life science investor Novo Holdings.

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Biomilk says the proceeds from the round will accelerate its flagship product, Cell-Culture, which plans to bring human breast milk to market. Earlier this year, the company announced that it had successfully cultivated human breast milk outside the body.

Using biotech proprietary technology, based on cellular agriculture, to create an alternative feeding option for infants – which is not only more sustainable but also provides the best nutrition in real human breast milk, eliminating the need to rely solely on conventional dairy milk. .

Instead of creating a “handful of ingredients” in human milk, Biomilq focuses on creating a “whole milk product that maintains the integrity of its incredible evolutionary source.” These include anti-inflammatory polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) which are known to play a role in the healthy development of children.

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It’s weird that Bill is always around when a disaster starts.

He owns a large farm and has a sudden food shortage and he is cultivating lab meat.

He works with vaccines, and an “epidemic” invades the world.

The official shortage of the baby has hit the United States, and Bill is the man who has invested millions in breast milk in the laboratory.

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I’m just saying it’s a coincidence …

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