While the credibility of the J6 committee has been reduced to ashes, Trump’s Tuesday was the best

Yes, the J6 committee can sit around and cry, and spread all their lies, if they get that much.

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Because when they’re busy doing that, President Trump is busy winning.

That’s right, when the J6 committee fell into perfect chaos and their credibility was shattered after their “star witness” was proven to be a pathological liar, President Trump was spending Tuesday night of his life.

So, what made Trump’s Tuesday so special?

Well, all the candidates he supported won their primary last night.


Brittbert reported that candidates approved by former President Donald Trump were red-hot in Colorado, Illinois, Oklahoma and Utah on Tuesday night, with sweeping victories in all states. The perfect night for Trump-backed Republicans puts the 45th presidential approval record at 144-10.

In Colorado, Trump-backed representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has confirmed her rebuilding in the Third Congressional District by defeating her primary rival Don Quorum. According to the Associated Press (AP) election results published by the New York Times, he took 64.2 percent of the vote, reporting 90 percent of the vote.

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Boebert regained Trump’s approval in December.

“Congressman Lauren Boebert has done a great job representing Colorado’s Third District in her first term. She is a fearless leader, a defender of America’s First Agenda, and a fighter against the defeated Renault and the Radical Democrats,” Trump said in a statement.

The four candidates who received Trump’s approval in Illinois were nominated, State Sen. Darren Bailey (R) received the GOP nomination for governor of Prairie State. Rep. Mike Bost (R-IL) took his renaming to the Twelfth Congressional District, while Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) defeated Congressman Rodney Davis (R-IL) in the race for the 15th Congressional District. In the race for the 16th congressional district, Republican Darren Lahud (R-IL), who currently represents the 18th congressional district, enjoyed a resounding victory over his opponents.

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It was a similar story for Trump-backed candidates in Oklahoma, as Governor Kevin Steit (R-OK) won the nomination for governor with nearly 70 percent of the vote, with 86 percent reporting, according to the AP. State Democrat nominee Joy Hoffmeister is ready to contest a general election. In the race for the first congressional district, Rep. Kevin Horn (R-OK) won his Reconstruction Bid, as did Congressman Frank Lucas (R-OK) in the Third Congressional District, and Tom Cole (R-OK) became the fourth in the Congressional District.

Joy moved to Utah, where Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) will win his re-election bid to fight against the general election Ever McMullen, an independent candidate. Representative Chris Stewart (R-UT) won the Republican nomination race in the second congressional district, and Republican Burgess Owens won the fourth congressional district.

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So, while the J6’ers are looking for more fake fairy tales to go around, President Trump will do what he does – grab the RINO GOP party and turn it into the MAGA party!

Let’s see who wins in the end …

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