What do they share in common? A viral tweet explains দ্রুত in 3 quick sentences

Well, a lot of money is being sent abroad to Ukraine.

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It seems like an endless stream, doesn’t it?

It seemed as if Zelensky had hit Lotto.


So, what’s the last game here? How is this small country going to win the war against the big bad Russians who have a military that is a thousand times more powerful, much bigger and a nuclear “superpower?”

How on earth is Ukraine going to defeat a power like that? “Grants?” In our taxpayer financing.


It goes without saying that Venezuela has a chance to wage war against the United States. That’s ridiculous … yet, we’re still doing billions upon billions of funneling to them.


Well, there are many theories as to why this is happening.

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Some believe it is a legitimate fight, and that Ukraine can win if we send them enough money and weapons… most people are leftists and GOP warheads.

Again, some people think that this whole thing is a big fake.

And a very popular theory is that Ukraine is a huge money-laundering scandal.

Here is what an online user said: “Covid was the biggest asset transfer in history. Ukraine where they smuggle money. Now you’ve all been caught for the last 2 years. “

That’s great. That’s a bold statement. And that tweet has become very popular and viral.

So, how does this theory work?

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Well, think about it – politicians send money to Ukraine, and then their acquaintances or their kids, like Hunter, sit on the board of a foreign company and earn millions which does nothing.

See, the U.S. government can’t actually pay Hunter, or anyone with a “secret salary,” without directly snooping and asking questions.

So, people who pay like this don’t raise so many red flags, unless you are a crackhead and you leave your laptop at the repair shop.

If that happened then things would get really messy.

Here’s what people are saying online:

And arms dealers gain again after 4 fat years #PresidentTrump

“Bingo !!! Winner! Accurate and accurate assessment!”

“If you can’t see clearly how this happened you are a sheep!”

“Unless proven true, I’ll go with it as a guess.”

“Trump was never going to win. Elon was never supposed to buy Twitter, was he not supposed to go to Ukraine after Putin?

“Somebody understands what’s going on”

“Everything the state says is a lie, and it has stolen what it has.”

“That’s right! Let’s see how long it takes to rebuild Ukraine!”

“All roads lead to Ukraine.”

Of course, the fact-checkers will tell you that this is wrong, and there is no proof of it, and you are just spreading “confusion” and Russian talk, or saying what they are saying.

But the reality is that there is a crisis of confidence between the government and the people in this country right now.

And it’s not because of the so-called Russian bourgeoisie, it’s because many Americans have woken up and focused on what’s going on in their local, state, and federal governments, and on the decay.

It’s real, and they see it.

That is why there is no confidence in the conspiracy crowd.

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And fact-checkers shouting at people won’t change it … transparency, truth and change are the only cure.

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