WH stunning “clarification” in Orange’s statement about “2024 Biden / Harris”

Well, if you were thinking about the Joe Biden 2024 ticket, I can assure you that this is not happening – and Orange Harris has found it in the most awkward and humiliating way ever.

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Kamala was recently on CNN, where she was asked about 2024.

He told Dana Bash that Joe was running in 2024 and that he would be on the ticket with her … “Full stop.”

Wow, full stop, eh orange?

That’s very strong. Too “set on stone,” isn’t it?

Well, really, not really …

The White House seems to have caught on with Kamala’s remarks and was shocked.

I guess it sounds a bit “full stop” to their tastes, so they made a very embarrassing correction to his statement about 2024.

Politico reporter Chris Cadellago said on Twitter:

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According to the White House, Kamala Harris wanted to explain the remarks made on CNN a few days ago. Asked if Biden was definitely running in 2024, Harris replied: “The president wants to run and if he does, I’ll be his ticket partner. We’ll run together.”

Here is Harris’ original quote from this week’s interview AnaDanaBashCNN “Joe Biden is running for re-election and I will be his ticket partner,” Harris said. “Beard.”

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We all know Joe is not running. The guy hit only 37% in approval, and he could hardly string a sentence together to cry out loud.

Let’s be real, right?

Now, Joe, who is out of it, may think he’s running, but those who don’t have Alzheimer’s in DC will never let that happen.

However, for various reasons, they are not able to say that right now.

Mainly, because they can’t admit that the team broke up just before the midterms, and they don’t even want Orange, who is less popular than Joe, to make him think he’ll be on top of the 2024 ticket.

So, for now, pretending to run for Joe is in the interest of the left, but the point is not to pretend too much, because he won’t actually …

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Either way, it makes Kamala look stupid again …

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