We’ve got a new Ricky Gervais Netflix clip featuring liberal foaming.

Liberals are currently foaming at the mouth with a special feature of Ricky Garvey’s Netflix.

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It’s a standup comedy routine, and during the beat, Ricky makes fun of transgender people.

Remember, he makes fun of everyone, including Christians… it’s called “comedy,” everyone jokes and has fun, and we’re all happy to laugh and keep our day going.

This has always been the case, but you know, the communist abolitionist masses want to change that.

There will be no laughter in unauthorized “jokes”.

According to the crowd, you will only laugh at the jokes approved by the regime.

Of course, jokes about Jesus, Christians, Redneck, and Republicans are always pre-approved.

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This is what liberals around the world want, but no one else does, so there is a huge backlash against Marxist censorship and comedians are leading.

Ricky Garvey’s new Netflix special cancellation is driving the crowd crazy.

They are throwing an absolute laugh that he has dared to ridicule the “transgender” crowd …. Remove content. “

Okay, we have a clip that stopped everyone …

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You can watch the video below:

It was funny, because it’s insane and true, and that’s what liberals hate … making fun of their own irrationality.

They hate not being taken seriously.

You see, you can call them hypocrites, child killers, liars and cheaters, and they won’t blink – they don’t care.

But the moment you make fun of them, they fall apart.

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So, keep it up.

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