Well, that’s probably why Joe Biden was screaming like an unbroken flute

I’m sorry French, but yesterday Joe Biden lost his shit.

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He became seriously restless and melted this really bizarre and completely inappropriate rage over inflation … No, he was not crazy about real inflation; He was furious that he was being blamed for it.

Many of us believed that Joe’s biggest “dementia call” was still … a strange, uncontrolled outburst of anger.

One of my colleagues wrote an article about it yesterday.

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I know, when I was living with my grandmother who had Alzheimer’s, she started that weird rage. They first happened here and there and then more often. He would fly off the handle of anything he felt a little against her … and sometimes, it would get so bad that he would even try to hit my mom.

So, I watched those explosions up close and personally, and when I saw that clip of Joey, I saw my “grandma” in his eyes.

I believe Joe is very disappointed by his deceptive and failed “presidency”. And I think his mental state arouses that anger, and whatever his illness is, Joe can’t hold it or mask it.

And I think I found a big reason why he left the train yesterday… because it’s an inconvenience.

Yesterday, Biden’s approval rating reached the lowest point in Gallup’s history.

Talk about a historic flop, don’t you?

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Issue Insights reports that President Joe Biden has set a new record on the 487th day in office. He has received the lowest approval rating among all presidents at the moment in their presidency since Gallup began tracking it in 1945.

According to Gallup’s Presidential Job Approval Center, Biden has approved only 41% of the work he is doing. It was a worse 487th day than Gerald Ford, or Lyndon Johnson, or even Jimmy Carter. Much worse than Ronald Reagan, Bush, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.

To add insult to injury, Biden’s approval rating is now lower than Trump’s in his first term.

Biden’s oh-so-presidential response to his cratting support: He’s “exciting.”

Instead of blaming, Biden and his “inner circle” are blaming everyone around them, including White House staff. Politico reports that: “Members of Biden’s inner circle, including First Lady Jill Biden and the president’s sister Valerie Biden Owens, have complained that West Wing staff operated Biden with baby gloves, did not put him on the street or let him flash.” Its more authentic, related, though self-conscious. “

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Biden aint for me either.

Maybe Jill and the rest of the inner circle will persuade Joe to change his hairstyle as Carter did half way through his presidency in the hope that it would bring people back to him.

Do I need to remind you that it is mathematically impossible for Joe Biden to win 81 million legal votes and fall so quickly and so hard, without any ground, in an election?

Inflation or not, this clown would still have a lot of padding to stop the huge free fall if he really had all those loyal and understandable voters stand behind him and give him time and skepticism to straighten things out. .

But that is not happening, and we all do not know why?

Yes we do.

Well, in a short time, I’m glad to see this dilapidated, old cheater humiliated and angry.

I hope it gets worse.

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Fraudsters never really “win” and they never keep improving.

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