Well, it’s official, Rosie’s new video clip proves that President Trump brokered for her

Just a few years ago, Rosie O’Donnell was the most rabid / foam-in-the-mouth “currents” of the face.

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He was everywhere, blowing his mouth at guaranteed speeds, spreading all sorts of “resistance” nonsense and anti-Trump hatred.

He also beat her badly for it.

Rosie, a once-respected comedian who was liked by most of the American people, was now a radial pariyah with a stage 5 TDS ragging case.

He became unrecognizable as his crooked politics took away his life.

His behavior became extremely unreasonable.

Nothing was “fun” anymore.

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Rosie was now blinded by anger and hatred towards President Trump, and this indicates what he said and did… and the reaction to his crazy behavior was quick and furious; The crowd turned to her, and finally, Rosie left.

He was no longer the “face” of Trump resistance, he just faded into the background …

Trump broke him.

And if I don’t believe, I have proof.

Rosie is back – well, sort of.

He’s trying to make a statement about the recent Row vs. Wade regime by SCOTUS, but he can’t … He’s so broken and so empty, there’s nothing left in his “anger tank”.

He used it all … he did it.

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You can watch the video below:

I mean, seriously, what was the point of that clip?

To put us to sleep? Is our blood pressure low?

That clip can inspire people to read a book or fall asleep.

But the “resistance” is there right now.

The whole movement has run out of gas … Rowe Wade was supposed to protest. “Summer of anger

It’s a bold statement, especially when we all still remember the fierce and burning “summer of love”.

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But what a “summer of rage” has turned out to be … I don’t think many people want to “rage” to kill children.

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