“We the People”, Democrats, Republicans and Independents Must Fight Together

This movie will scare anyone who loves America. Every gesture or word Trump utters is a tactical dog-flute to please voters who want to change the definition of American democracy. The white Trump base does not support immigration, the way America started. They want the country to be white, Christian and ruled by their party forever. Trump has formed an alliance of allies who are clearly racist, authoritarian, and growing in number.
Trump has refused to call white supremacists bad guys and reject their alliance with them as allied racists. The Republicans’ quest for power now requires an alliance with the racist ideology of white supremacy. Every day, Senators Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are being asked on camera, “What is the Republican plan to fight white supremacist terrorism in America?” We already have Mr. TrumpMessage: We love you “.
Maga Republicans explicitly acknowledge that they support violations of the Constitution if it serves them politically or financially. Keeping Trump in power is their # 1 policy because they want a Russian version of democracy, which means they want an authoritarian America. Orin Hatch is dead, but his legacy of anti-democratic rule survives.

Both the Republican Party, the Maga Wing and the silent opportunists Wing Promote extremists A scene that weakens our democracy:

  • Alice Stefanik, a MAGA extremist and the # 3 “Great Replacement Theory” in a House of Representatives position that immigrants are deliberately replacing whites. The majority of House Republicans agree or remain silent.
  • Trump came to power, attacked the press, politicized the rule of law, threatened to imprison his opponents, demonized minorities, praised dictators abroad, propagated conspiracy theories and lies, and then tried to seize power even if he lost the election. Republicans have embraced authoritarianism and normalized anti-democratic practices.
  • Only 3 percent of Republicans support the Black Lives Matter and many Republicans even oppose peaceful protests for racial justice. Republicans in Congress refused to vote for a police reform system.
  • Pro-democracy groups have introduced 262 bills in 41 states that have hijacked the electoral process. (The Guardian, December 20021). Republicans support giving the state legislature the power to dismiss the state election chief and change the vote at will. (The Guardian, December 2022).
  • Trump-stacked Supreme Court ready to overturn Rowe v. Wade and convict women for seeking abortion. Texas, Florida, Mississippi and other red states have passed bills restricting and criminalizing abortion, putting the mental and physical health of millions of women at risk.
  • Republicans, like Senator Rick Scott, support defending Medicare and social protection and other social programs for the poor, disabled and minorities.
  • Senate Republicans are pushing for cuts to key programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in response to Trump’s tax cuts for the rich to balance the budget. (Forbes, April 2021).
  • Republicans believe that government control of firearms is largely unconstitutional, and therefore, most gun laws violate a person’s right to bear arms. Republicans refuse to impose any restrictions on the amount of gun ownership for Americans, despite widespread gun violence in the country.
  • Republicans support Trump’s attempt to steal the 2020 presidential election with fake selectors and try to manipulate the votes of state election officials.
  • Trump has committed provocative crimes (inciting a coup, violating presidential protection law, and benefiting financially from becoming president). Republicans continue their silence and allegiance to Trump, implicating them in any corruption. They support the party and power rather than loyalty to the country and the constitution.
The Trump show is becoming tedious, boring, anti-democratic and becoming

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