We now know what’s really going on behind Joe’s social media screen

President Trump had a very strong presence on social media before the Democrat Communists ousted him.

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When Trump was in office, he and Dan Scavino ran social media for the White House, and it was very effective and, really, really big.

So big that, to stop the 2020 theft, they needed to get rid of Trump and remove him from the net.

Of course, their plan did not work. President Trump is far more popular and powerful today than ever before.

But speaking of social media, I read an article from CNN today that was actually pretty good. It was about Joe Biden’s inability to “breakthrough”. The author of the piece actually came * close * to admit that Joe Biden’s faulty brain was partly responsible for why he couldn’t connect, but he couldn’t bring himself to go there.

What I found interesting about the piece is that it is part of Joe Biden’s social media.

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Now, we all know that Joe’s online presence is a sniff… and the only time he gets interested is if he gets some stupid celebrity with him.

But your average Joe video trying to insult a sentence, or wandering around the stage for an exit, doesn’t get too busy.

So, you may be wondering, who is running the online show for Bumbling Joe? Because we know Biden isn’t tweeting, I don’t think he even knows how to use the phone, is he?

Well, according to the CNN article, Joe Biden has about 70 employees who manage his social media.

While discussing “pointing the finger at the inside of the White House,” the CNN piece claims that Biden’s staff believe that part of the problem with Joe’s break-up is that a political press corps is still trapped in a news environment dominated by Trump-style melodrama, Ukraine and the epidemic. The Secret Service buffer limits what Biden can do, a long-standing concern that he will catch Covid-19 and possibly get really sick.

It’s all about pointing fingers at each other for who’s fault. They hold the same internal meetings over and over again, insisting that they change their entire approach to how they are using Biden – and then see that nothing changes.

Elderly assistants fired younger colleagues for being too caught up in tweet-by-tweet, thinking they had lost the 2020 election to everyone else. Young assistants give up – what does it mean to work with innovative ideas, they ask themselves, if the ideas keep popping up and helpers are ignored for giving them advice?

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In response to a question about the president’s old media habits, Bates mentioned the weekly time allotted in the president’s schedule for creating digital content and 70 people on staff Two interviews with those who helped create it and manage its various accounts, as well as the only online creators in the last few months.
“The president has a well-integrated strategy that involves unprecedented resources in digital engagement, speeches that give him many powerful moments, and person-to-person interaction that demonstrates important qualities such as empathy.”

Let’s not forget that Joe Biden’s Twitter account is full of bots, according to a new report.

Also, think about it … there are over 70 people “making” Biden’s social media, which is sucking so badly and so annoying, and President Trump and Scavino were just themselves.

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Can you see how incompetent the government is?

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