We now know what killed three Americans at the Bahamas Sandals Resort

As you may recall a few weeks ago, three Americans died at the Sandal Resort in the Bahamas and a third American was hospitalized in critical condition.

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For weeks it was a mystery as to what caused the three to be killed and what made the fourth so sick.

Some have speculated that this may be due to food poisoning or possibly AC unit, or something to do with lawn care, but now we know for sure what killed them …

It was carbon monoxide poisoning.

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CBS News reports that a Sandals resort in the Bahamas has announced that it will install carbon monoxide detectors in all its rooms after three American tourists die of an unexplained illness, calling it an “isolated incident.” Official toxicology reports and autopsies have not yet been released, but local media in the Bahamas have reported that all three have died of carbon monoxide poisoning, CBS Miami reports.

In May, three Americans died at the Exuma Sandal Emerald Bay resort. Another tourist fell ill, but began to recover after being taken to a hospital.

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“Despite initial speculation, Bahamian authorities concluded that the cause was an isolated incident of a separate structure with two separate guest rooms and was in no way linked to the resort’s air-conditioning, food and beverage services, landscaping services or foul play.” Sandal Resort said in a statement on Friday. “It will always be and always will be best to ensure the safety and well-being of our guests and team members. That is why we have taken additional steps to involve environmental safety experts in a comprehensive review of all systems throughout the resort.”

The resort is installing carbon monoxide detectors in all its features worldwide.

I guess Sandals would better prepare themselves for two very big cases.

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How sad that those people had to die for no reason when they just wanted to enjoy the holidays.

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