We now know how Brett Kavanagh came close to murder

Brett Kavanagh came very close to being murdered the other day, and the media and Dames are shutting it down as if it’s no big deal, when the J6 feverishly covers the event where Pelosi’s stapler was stolen.

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We now find out how close this young Democrat Natzob was to get his hands on Justice Kavanagh… he was just a few steps away from his door… and boy, oh boy, did he come up with the whole “murder and torture” kit? Ready

Radar Online reports that as part of the court documents, an FBI investigator provided details of exactly what happened to Kavanagh and his family.

According to investigators, around 1 a.m., two U.S. marshals spotted a man dressed in black getting out of a taxi in front of Kavanagh’s home in Montgomery County, Maryland, with a backpack and a suitcase.

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The man looked at the officers standing next to their parked car and then started walking down the street.

Shortly afterwards, 911 senders received a call from Rosk, who said he was thinking of committing suicide, according to investigators.
Ross was told that he had come from California to assassinate the judge – the first in American history.

Montgomery County police responded to the area and, according to court records, could still see Rosk on the phone with 911. Officers took his backpack and suitcase with him.

Police found inside: a strategic chest and knife, a Glock 17 pistol with two magazines, pepper spray, zip tie, hammer, screwdriver, nail punch, crowbar, pistol light, duct tape, hiking boot soles with padding outside and others Item.

Ross spoke to officials and said he was upset with the leaked Supreme Court draft that showed the court was ready to overturn Roe v. Wade, which investigators say would guarantee federal abortion protection. The 26-year-old suspect was also upset about the recent school shooting in Uvalade, Texas.

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Ross was told he believed Kavanagh would support the Second Amendment decision and relax the gun law, court documents said. Wanabe’s killer thought about how to give her life purpose and decided to kill Kavanagh after finding her address online, investigators said.

According to records, he bought the gun and planned to enter Kavanagh’s home to try and kill the house.

Who made this young man a fundamentalist? Was it all his bad anti-Kavanagh rubbish with Joy Reed? Everyone should look for this, right?

The media and Dames are trying to paint a picture that it is the “rightists” who are so extreme and violent, although here they completely ignore the story of such a huge bombing.

This is why no one trusts the propaganda press or the Communist Biden government.

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We need truth about everything right and left.

In this way we can actually work to correct these problems and issues, most of which come from mental illness and depression.

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