We know “Surprise Witness” on January 6, and wait until you see what it was.

The “January 6 show trial” was supposed to go by sometime in July, but they had to call an “emergency” hearing for today because of the amazing witnesses.

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A witness is so big, and has a bomb, that it will blow everything out of the water.

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Yes, except we now know who this witness is, and what he planned to do exactly 8 days after January 6th …

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Apparently, he was so horrified by Trump and the January 6 incident that he planned to work for Trump in Mar-a-Lago.

Good luck.

Here’s what Shawn Davis, editor-in-chief of The Federalist, said in a tweet: The article was published on January 14, 2021). This Soviet show trial is a joke. “

Here is a closeup of the images:



More news: Pelosi has issued a dossier in response to the allegations that he “pushed” the youngest daughter of the representative Flores.

If you want to read this, here is the link to the Bloomberg article.

Imagine being so terrified of what President Trump has done that you plan to work for him eight days later.

He seems to be a man of incredible conviction, doesn’t he?


People are annoyed by this nonsense:

“But the left ignores the fact that Biden sends ম 100k to his drug-addicted son Shikari to pay Russian hookers when he was VP. But he knew nothing of his dealings. Yes, that’s right.”

“We just found Hunter’s abusive Russian hookers for which Joe paid and we’re still worried about January 6, aren’t we?”

“So, it’s true that Hunter and Joe paid for the Russian (spy) escort, but the most important thing right now is that Pelosi’s podium was stolen about two years ago?”

“We need a whole new government, it’s completely rotten.”

“Trump Derangement Syndrome Fools Everyone”

“These hearings are driving me crazy. I voted for Biden, but I can’t fill my tank or buy groceries. I don’t care about this dumb shit. ”

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This is how the left works and this will continue till the medium term.

My only hope is that when the right returns to power, they destroy the left … but we don’t want a “show trial”, we want a real hearing that will result in impeachment, removal from office, dismissal and jail time.

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If we don’t get it, vote for every left.

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