Warren Blast SCOTUS; “We have never relinquished the personal rights of the states.”

Following a landmark Supreme Court decision recognizing abortion rights across the country, Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Sunday that Democratic gains in November would allow Congress to strengthen abortion rights at the federal level.

The people of Congress go on to show how ignorant they are about the law. Although I want to do it, it does not make abortion illegal; Rather, it merely returns control to the states where it belongs. The constitution does not mention abortion in any way.

Warren criticized the abortion limit and the abandonment of choice over the rights of individual states, citing Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as the venue for critical Senate contests this fall.

Warren told ABC’s “This Week”: “Focus like a laser in the November election, and we’ll get two more senators from the Democratic side, two senators who are ready to protect access to abortion and release Philibuster so we can do it.” It passes. “And of course, John Feterman, Pennsylvania is where I’m looking. I’m looking at you, Mandela Burns, Wisconsin. If we elect them, we will have the power to protect every woman, no matter where she is.”

Democrats are in charge of Congress, but with a 50-50 majority in the Senate, it was challenging to advance their liberal demands.

In a race to succeed retired Sen. Pat Tummy, Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Feterman faces Mehmet Oz, a television celebrity doctor.

Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Burns is running against Republican Sen. Ron Johnson for the Democratic nomination for the Senate in his state this year.

Mrs Warren declared that she did not want the states to decide who could have an abortion.

According to Mrs. Warren, “We have never given states personal rights.” The basic principle is that pregnant women are not second class citizens and the government should not make such a decision.

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