[VIDEO] Zillow’s 381K NC Beach House sank at sea today

Video of a beach house on wrecked steels at sea has become mega, mega-viral, with approximately 5 million views, according to the publication.

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Fortunately, the house was not occupied when it was swept away by a wave.

The incident happened in Rodanthe, North Carolina.

The house was listed in the district for 381,200.00.

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Jillo now estimates that this “houseboat” is worth $ 489,350 … just kidding.

In fact, according to Fox 5 San Diego, it was two houses that were wrecked at sea.

Two beach houses on the outskirts of North Carolina collapsed Tuesday and a landslide was captured on video.

The National Park Service shared news of the first landslide in Rodenthe on Tuesday morning and said the beach had been closed to protect the public from danger.

Hours later, officials said a second house had collapsed in Rodanth. It was captured on video and shared by Park Service. A final wave sent the house crashing into the sea below.

At that time both the houses were empty.

This is the same area where a house collapsed into the sea in February.

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“Unfortunately, in the near future, more homes on the beach may collapse,” said David Hallac, superintendent of East North Carolina National Park. “After the first house collapse, we actively reached out to homeowners along Ocean Drive in Rodente and recommended that measures be taken to prevent landslides and impacts on Cape Hatteras National Seashore.”

You can watch the video below:

This incident has been confirmed by leftists online that it is evidence of “climate change” that the sea is rising and coming for all of us.

Someone tell Obama and Bill Gates, since they own the watershed property.

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In fact, it is decaying and true that someone built houses badly in the 80’s… but hey, we hate to ruin a good “climate change” tragedy.

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