[VIDEO] You can actually see Dusi “smiling” because he knows he just “got” Karin.

The smile is subtle, of course – you wouldn’t expect anything less from a gentle, very polite Peter Dusi, but if you look closely, there it is …

Oh yeah really, it has.

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Peter had to sharpen his knives when he went against Jane Saki … he was one of the fastest and best liars in the swamp. The woman was utterly rude in twisting and lying and turning questions into pretzels, twisting so much that you no longer knew what the hell was going on.

But Karin Jean-Pierre is not Jane Saki. In fact, he’s really awesome in his job.

So, when Peter Dusi now goes to the press room, his knife may be dull and he will still tear things to shreds with his question… and the KJP never sees it coming.

And today was no exception …

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Ducie hit the KJP with a push about Biden, who boasted endlessly about how the stock market was doing under his “amazing leadership”.

Give me a break.

Rule # 1 for all politicians … never use the stock market in the lap of victory, it is very sensitive.

But in this case, the market is nose-diving because Biden, like the KJP, is terrible in his job.

So, Peter wanted to know how Biden now feels about the fact that the market is under the swamp with the number of Joe’s approvals.

And if you look closely, you’ll see the smile on Peter’s face when he asks জানেন he knows he’s got it!


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He’s just this awful.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“I almost miss Saki … almost. At least with Jane, it was a fight, it’s just a mess.”

“Do you know how to tell a lie? They can’t look you in the eye. He never looked at anyone but his notebook which he read semantically even if it meant nothing to the question. The worst administration in American history. “

“History will not be kind to this administration.”

“A simple and enjoyable format for Pitt”

“He’s a professional fool artist with virtually no skills.”

“Dusi made fun of that …”

“He’s really terrible at this.”

“Peter Dusi looked happy with himself.”

“Did anyone train this poor woman or did they throw her to the wolves and hope she was able to save a lunatic in dementia?”

Before we get too sorry for Karin, let’s not forget that she is a fierce Russian deceiver who is destined to destroy America.

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And we should thank God that he is stinking in his job, or we will get into more trouble.

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