[VIDEO] When the sun went down, the left became violent with “Row vs. Wade.”

SCOTUS has finally fixed things.

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Most serious legal experts can agree that Rowe v. Wade was a bad and unstable law.

A woman has no “constitutional right” to have an abortion, sorry … but the founding fathers came together and the mothers did not think of killing their children.

Now, thanks to President Trump, abortion laws will go back to the states where they should be.

And the leftists are excited.

Many of these unknown comedians do not understand what actually happened.

They think abortion has been made “illegal” in the United States.

Sadly, no, they can still get their precious abortion which they like very much, but chances are they will get a blue condition.

Other leftists who understand what happened are outraged because ghosts, like federally planned parenthood, have just been cut off and will go out of business.

Why should my tax dollars kill children?

It’s 2022, women … control yourself some birth. It’s on every street corner and it works like 99.999% of the time.

More news: Pelosi Rowe vs. Wade can’t utter a lie about the decision.

Anyway, when the sun went down last night, things went awry in Los Angeles… ironically, LA is a city that will continue to provide abortions.

Why are they so mad there?

In fact, when it was still light, protesters, mostly men, blocked traffic on a freeway in LA, and when drivers did not stop, they attacked cars with huge wooden sticks.

Wouldn’t just wearing a condom be easy?

And when the sun went down, things got even harder.


There was a “rebellion” in Arizona:

Most of these fools do not know what they are protesting.

My daughter, who is a conservative, has a liberal friend, and after the verdict came down, one of her liberal friends texted her, saying, “Abortion is now banned in the United States.”

Oh my gosh.

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They are simply unknown, easily deceived zombies, and the media and dams do nothing to help educate these dummies because they want to fool and drive them crazy.

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