[VIDEO] Weak, confused Biden now claims “2A” was never “absolute”

Joe Biden is an old, dilapidated old mess.

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Why on earth are Americans forced to listen to a man whose face and voice should be in an old age home?

It’s annoying.

We don’t have to sit here and calm the political will of some weak old man when he pretends to be “President”.

Still, we’re here.

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So, on this #MemorialDay, what is Joe Biden doing to talk nonsense all over the country and to pee the majority of Americans?

All right, now he’s rewriting the constitution … in Crayon.

That’s right, a man who probably made her “smell” in a diaper, now tells us that the 2nd Amendment was never “absolute” …

Good lord.


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As you can imagine, it didn’t go well online:

“It’s not! “Violations will not …” Biden is detrimental to America. Biden and his government are actively destroying America!

“It really bothers me. Either he’s * completely * out of his mind, or he’s totally conscious and just lying on the floor. The truth is we can’t say, just the problem is compound. Screw this dementia-laden pit viper.”

“Dude has no idea what he’s talking about needs new people around him or he’ll have to retire and leave.”

“Between the lines: the constitution is not absolute. That means we have no rights. “

“I hope we survive this old fool but we probably won’t.”

Dummy in Chief can’t be more absolutist than “No Violation.”

It is the duty of citizens to protect their land and to protect their freedom from both foreign and domestic threats. Can we use this as a litmus test for politicians already reading?

“That is why the Second Amendment was fully established. Don’t you see? If they can convince you that 2A is not valid unless they allow it, they will quickly suit the rest of them. “

“Holy hell that disinfo he said!”

Did this idiot just say a 9mm is a “high caliber” bullet that could “blow the lungs out of the body?”

“Are communists leading America?” It’s called the Democrat Party. “

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Also, I would like to remind you that Joe Biden is the man who throughout his political career believed that there was a 2nd Amendment for “deer hunting”.

I’m not kid… it’s true and well documented.

The only way to stop these oppressive communist dams is to get them to vote and vote for all the RINOs who support them.

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