[VIDEO] Tucker explains why the new press secretary is more dangerous than Jane

Okay, Jane Saki, wife of the cold Ice Queen / Stapford, is heading to the sunset this month.

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I can’t think of any other press secretary who is a more shameless liar than him.

But things are probably going to get worse.

Jane will be replaced by Karin Jean-Pierre; A radicalized cook who spreads a lot of misinformation and suffers from Stage 5 TDS.

And believe it or not, Tucker says the replacement is actually worse than the original if you can believe it.

Yes, according to him, Pierre is shallower and worse than Jane, and he will be much more dangerous to boot.

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BizPakreview reported that Carlson mocked Saki who introduced him to the new spokesman and said that he was the first “LGBTQ + person to be the White House press secretary.”

“What does LGBTQ + mean? Hey, Jane Saki, let us know if you have a minute. Explain each letter of that abbreviated form and specifically what it means. We’ll wait. Do not hold your breath. He’s not going to do it because like everyone else who uses the phrase, Jane Saki has no idea what it literally means, no idea, “the Fox News host insisted.

“So he got a job. He is in the right group, and to the Biden administration, which thinks exclusively in terms of the group and never in terms of the individual, because individuals are messy and inconvenient, the group is important. This is exactly how they select judges or vice presidents of the Supreme Court or members of the Federal Reserve Board, and now, the all-important press secretary has gone to someone based on the Gig Group. It’s really easy. Show us your picture, and we’ll tell you if you’re fit for the job, “Carlson commented.

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“And in many ways, Karin Jean-Pierre is fit for the job. She’s not just a member of the out-of-LGBTQ + community, she’s critically a product of a private school and an Ivy League college and still somehow oppressed. She’s mad at America, its ample opportunities. Despite being, and outraged by his racist repression system, and he is happy to tell you about it, “he noted.

You can watch the video below:

Okay, we’ll see if Karin Jean-Pierre can lie as good as Jane and turn around.

Because like her or hating her, no one like Jane Saki can lie so easily.

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It was like an “art form” for that wretched robotic woman.

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