[VIDEO] Trump-Heater Films FL Beach on the July 4 weekend “I need to give it up

I don’t know, you know who Ron Filippowski is … he’s a Renault Trump hater.

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This guy worked for Descentis and then resigned because of how he was managing Kovid.

What a fool.

Ironically, Desantis was one of the few governors who managed Covid properly.

Anyway, this guy is an attorney, but I don’t think he works too much, because he literally posts anti-Trump things on Twitter all day.

This loser has received the TDS terminal case.

More news: Debra Messing goes crazy in WH call, shouting “Biden elected”… no reason to vote now

Anyway, this comic filmed a very patriotic beach in Florida this weekend and was really shocked Love the countryThat he said, “I have to leave this state.”

Ha ha, I love it, and I agree; He should be sorted out now and go to Callie!


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Here’s what people are saying online:

“Good Readiness Come B ** Teach”

“Yes you do. Need help packing?

“Those who have the Ukrainian flag in their bios call it a cult lmao”

“Don’t let your ass hit the door on the way out.”

“I hope you’ll cry as far as California.”

“There’s plenty of criminal blue town where you can go.”

“There could be a lot of real estate in Ukraine since you seem to like it very much. Bye.”

I love that beach.

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I will feel right at home there and I guarantee you, everyone there will be friendly, kind and fair.

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