[VIDEO] Too bad, Joe is now using the old 90’s “tricks” on Americans, and it is

Biden has a lot of problems with the administrator, starting from the fact that it is not valid.

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But after being out of it for a moment, the next biggest problem is that Joe Biden looks and feels like he should be in a nursing home.

Even when they overwhelm him with drug cocktails, he still shakes his “old age coat” and that’s a real problem.

Aside from fraud, this is their biggest problem.

But Joe Biden doesn’t know he’s an old fool. How can he? He actually thinks he won the 2020 election with 81 million legal votes … and this guy is a wetland creature for life. He has been in this job for almost 50 years now – he lives in an unknown elite bubble, no matter how much he tries to pretend to be “Blue-collar Joe”.

Believe me, this clown doesn’t have much in common with the “blue-collar” since the early 70’s, and yet, it’s an extension.

So, since Joe Biden doesn’t think he’s an elderly dementia sufferer, he really believes that one of the things that brought him down was that he didn’t talk to the American people directly as he knew how to do it.

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It goes back to Joe’s old political days when he had a very “simple talking” way of communicating with people. And it worked for him … decades ago when his brain wasn’t busy.

That version of Joe Biden, who used self-deprecating humor and spoke in his false “common sense” way, is gone. The version we have now can rarely string a sentence together, and it is painful to try.

But Joe is very narcissistic and pampered to know it.

Joe wants to manipulate voters like he did before.

He wants to get up there and “talk fast” and sell the country’s snake oil and pull their eyebrows as he used to in 1992, so his vote will increase and he will be able to sleep.

But it will not be. Times have changed, Mr. Magu …

The American people are very different now than they were in the 90’s, and so is Joe Biden, but he and his team don’t realize it.

Which explains why he’s still doing the stupid things of the 90’s as we see below, where he stands there and tells everyone how great it is for them, when Americans are drowning in a sea of ​​biden inflation, rising gas prices and wages that are nowhere near high enough. No.

But Joe thinks it’s the 90’s when Americans still respected politicians and believed the nonsense they said, especially “good guys” like Joe “Blue-collar” Biden.

Give me a break. That shtick is so done and finished, it’s not even funny.

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But what Joe does here … he plays the old political tactics of the 90’s that worked, and it’s so dangerous, you won’t believe it.



But it is not working. His plans are changing everywhere.

A new poll shows that more than 80 percent of Americans say the economy is not good or bad.

A deadly downturn has gripped the U.S. economy and Americans have reported the highest levels of dissatisfaction with their financial situation in at least half a century, according to a survey released Monday.

According to a Wall Street Journal-NORC poll, 83 percent of Americans describe the state of the economy as poor or not so good. Only one percent described the economy as “excellent.”

The results of the survey show how much inflation has damaged Americans’ perceptions of the US economy and their own financial well-being. The consumer price index in March was the highest in 40 years and the April inflation rate was close to it. The government will release price level figures for May on Friday.

Thirty-five percent said they were not at all satisfied with their financial situation, the highest level of dissatisfaction since the NORC began asking questions every few years since 1972.

63 percent of Americans say they are extremely or very concerned about gas prices. 54 percent said they are extremely or very concerned about the impact of high grocery prices on their family’s financial situation. Only 13 percent said they were not too worried about gas prices and 19 percent said groceries.

Part of Americans who think they can improve their quality of life. Only 27 percent now say they have a better chance of improvement, down from 47 percent a year ago. 48 percent say they do not have a good chance of improving their standard of living.

Only 38 percent of Americans say they are generally optimistic about the chances of most people achieving the American dream. Sixty-eight percent said they are generally pessimistic.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Is this a kind of sick joke?”

“I’m sorry. What? Are you talking to any Americans?”

“She is a fool, lying or both. Either way, 2024 may not come soon. ”

“Holy sh! T! Joe is smoking now.”

“It’s a slap in the face to every American.”

“Joe Biden is lying without conscience, today’s Democrat platform is living that lie because they have taken away your freedom.”

“If you believe in the madness of this bull, you are a special kind of apathetic, useful fool …”

“I want to see America live and talk. The other day my gas cost 70. Seventy! ”

“Surely no one believes it.”

“I will not be able to take this race for another three years. You, Joe. “

All @ Jobaiden That’s a lie. Is it because he’s a liar, or does he add too much to the question of what his staff puts in front of him? “

“Combine this with polling that shows 75% of Americans say we’re wrong.”

“What alternative reality does this guy live in?”

“Is he talking about Ukraine or America ??”

“Is this real Momo? As many as 401,000 Americans perished as inflation plummeted. “

“Is this guy confused …?”

“Will you stop lying? I know it’s hard because you’re a politician by profession and your mental skills are declining, but try to remember we’re not stupid. Okay, those who voted for you (no, I didn’t vote for Trump either). “

“She’s lost and confused!”

There are many more comments like this, thousands, actually.

But trust me, Joe is not confused about this.

He really reached into his bag and came up with an old “trick” that he once used very successfully against the American people.

How do you think they pushed through NAFTA? It killed the middle class, and they knew it would, but they stood there and lied, and then when the middle class died, they stood there and told us all how powerful it was.

Repeat rinsing.

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The old politicians did it that way, and Joe knows no other way … he still thinks he can fool you … and it’s both funny and sad.

I guess you can’t teach an old wet dog a new technique.

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