[VIDEO] This time, Biden has again insulted America on the world stage

Can we please get a giant cane and shout this aging buffoon from the world stage?

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Once again, Joe Biden has insulted the United States and the American people by behaving like an old buffoon in front of the whole world.

Why are they sending these sick, mentally ill people in the name of God?

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Biden can’t find a way to get that guy to the White House toilet in Asia now, but now they’re scattering him around Asia.

He is in South Korea at the moment, and apparently, he is there to re-establish a key alliance in an uncertain East Asian moment, uninterrupted by growing warnings from U.S. intelligence that North Korea could conduct a missile test during the president’s visit.

So, you can imagine how “reassuring” it was for S Korea when Biden couldn’t even spell their leader’s name correctly.

Senile Joe calls President Eun, President Moon … the name of his predecessor.

Way to go, Joe.

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You can watch the video below:

Here is what people are saying:

“The father of this fool and Hunter Biden will not give you a talk about morality and decency. The worst president in US history.

“The embarrassing situation that this fool has brought to our nation is not over ….”

“OMG, he continues to be an embarrassing person.”

“The goodwill tour continues to demonstrate the wise fall of the American president.”

“Eun, Moon, Lun, Pun … President Biden needs diaper change”

“I am just happy to be free. In fact, I’m sorry he didn’t do it. “

“They are just torturing these fossils. She needs to rest in a nursing home. Smh “

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Let me guess, it’s that annoying “childhood stuttering” again, isn’t it?

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