[VIDEO] This reporter says 100X more than Dusi … that’s his question

I totally missed this little news that happened last Thursday, when Biden signed the 2022 Ocean Shipping Reform Act during a ceremony in the State Dining Room of the White House.

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It is not surprising that the media has avoided mentioning this, so I apologize for the inaccurate information I received.

But what you’re going to see in “real-time” is Joe Biden’s fear of his son, Hunter. It can sit there and look like a bigger, unknown dummy.

The Western Journal reports that shortly after the president signed the law, a reporter asked him a question about a Russian billionaire who paid Hunter Biden 2014 3.5 million in 2014 through the Rosemont Seneca Thornton firm, according to the Daily Caller.

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“Why didn’t you approve of the Russian oligarch Elena Baturina who did business with your son?” Reporter said.

Biden – who at first seemed confused – ignored the question, got up from his desk, and began to talk to the suit, which was hovering around him like a fly.

A reporter in the room then shouted a follow-up question: “Why did you stop asking questions from the press?”

And then another, “What are you afraid of?”

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That’s great.


Now, the way you ask Joe Biden questions, doesn’t it?

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Who was that mask man?

I do not know

If I could tell you… but I don’t know who the reporter is. If I found out, you would be the first to know.

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