[VIDEO] The woman started World War 3 with her controversial “McDonald’s” story

So, I don’t know if you realized it, but the whole world is upset for her McDonald’s drama on this woman.

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I watched this video, and I watched it, and when I realize that no one agrees with him, I somehow understand where he’s coming from… that little.

Well, let me explain …

So, this woman has 4 children.

She has 3 children with another person who is out of the picture and the youngest child is with her recent ex-boyfriend.

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The ex-boyfriend, who was always close to all her kids, for whatever reason, spent time with all the kids.

And when they were all together, he only bought a McDonald’s for his child, the other 3 were staring at him.

The mother found out and was upset that she hadn’t bought her other 3 kids McDonald’s – it was something she often did when they were still a couple.

So, he told this story online, and the whole world followed him and tore him to pieces, so now, he has created this follow-up video to further explain himself.

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Earlier, I said that I understand where he is coming from and I do.

As a mother, we hate to think of leaving our children and feeling bad.

After all, it’s not the kids’ fault that their relationship has broken down and McDonald’s move could cause animosity and division between siblings.

And no one wants that …

So, the guy probably should have avoided the McDonald’s trip altogether, or bought it for everyone and then asked the mom for money, if she didn’t want to pay for the other kids.

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I don’t know, it’s a bad news day, but I feel bad for McDonald’s kids.

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