[VIDEO] The woman revealed “Demonic Meltdown” on the floor of her living room in “Row vs.”

What liberals do is “performance theater.”

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Looks like they’re all on stage, doing a show for each other, and the show is called “crazy” and everyone is trying to outdo each other.

It’s like psychotic virtual signaling … the crazier and higher up, the better.

It just proves how “desirable” you are to your fellow progressives. This is how these lunatics think.

It’s weird and very childish. There is a definite “arrest development” sentiment that is spreading through today’s liberal movement.

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And it just shows that you can’t reason with these people. They have gone so far, and are so emotional that they cannot even think directly.

Events are not something they can understand, because they want to be hysterical and want to shout and act like flutes. These adult children get angry.

They can’t argue their point or argue the matter rationally, so they will literally scream bloody murder about it.

And if you don’t believe me this is happening, I have a video for you to watch.

This woman had a complete and complete emotional upheaval in her living room, and put it on the internet because she knew that other uninterrupted, mentally ill liberals would see it and love her “passion”.

They will see this “passion dance” and immediately know how much she is “committed” to feminism and equality and kills children and things.

She feels like she’s vomiting a monster. Not kidding.

You can watch the video below:

Who needs ghosts in the emirate?

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Forget the crazy lady, I’m worried about the dog.”

“Generous Women’s Moment”

“You’re hitting the dog, oh … or, whatever.”

“I have nothing in common with these weirdos.”

“Today’s Ordinary School Teacher”

“And Demra wonders why they’re losing?”

“Another screaming banshee to add to the crazy leftist video collection.”

“I hope this woman doesn’t have a family that she cares about. I’m worried about that dog. “

“Completely spontaneous 🙄 (check the knee pads). Someone needs to be rescued and the dog needs to be brought back home again.

“Sadly, he’s probably an elementary school teacher or a government employee.”

“I think we’re seeing ghosts …”

“They’re really angry that they can’t kill so many kids, are they?”

“Someone calls the Catholic Church, there’s a ghost inside !!”

“You can’t laugh at these people. I can LOL ”

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We were all missing his head and pea soup.

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