[VIDEO] The UFC Champ has just demanded “public naming and shaming” of all Pedos

It’s amazing that our beloved leaders will spend millions of dollars and endless time on something like the January 6 committee, hoping to expose some working people who broke the fax machine of the count, but they won’t say anything about all the powerful perverts. , I’m sure they’re friends with a lot of people who abuse underage girls for fun.

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Isn’t that the norm for our political elites?

They want just a fair jolt while protecting their rich perverted friends who will destroy the peasants.

Well, all this was enough for a UFC champion, and he called for naming and embarrassing every pedo involved in the Epstein / Maxwell case.


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The Daily Wire reported that before its victory on Saturday, outspoken UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesnia called on the public to name and respond to the “pedos” involved in the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghisline Maxwell cases.

Epstein, a convicted sex offender, reportedly killed himself in August 2019 while awaiting trial for his sexual offense. His longtime partner and ex-girlfriend, Maxwell, Epstein was sentenced last month to 20 years in prison for hiring, grooming and assisting in the sexual abuse of young girls, the Daily Wire reported.

“Ghiseline Maxwell has been sidelined for 20 years,” Adesanya says. “So, he provided the kids for all these chubby pedos, didn’t he? Where’s the list?”

“So, you know, the list of politicians, and actresses and actors, or whatever is being discussed, just floats under the rug?” He asked. “Don’t they really have time for those kids? You know what I mean?”

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“I don’t know, it’s just weird, like everything doesn’t count with me,” Adesnia added.

The Daily Wire reports that Epstein had an affair with former President Bill Clinton, and has even been accused of going to the White House with a number of women. Prince Andrew is said to have had an affair with a convicted pedophile and has been charged with raping then-teenage Virginia Giffre.

Here is what he said: “UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesania:” Ghisline Maxwell was providing kids for all these pedos, okay, where is the list? ? ”


Sadly, we know how it ends …

We will never know what actually happened.

Not in our lifetime, whatever …

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Maybe 100 years from now, someone will stumble upon the list and make it public… but even in the distant future, I think the rich elite will still see each other’s smart backs.

But I appreciate Mr. Adesnia speaking up and using his platform for good.

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