[VIDEO] The U.S. military says things are not as it should be

There’s something that really felt off about Uvalde shooting.

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Yes, it was a horrible act of demonic hatred, but many have questions about how this whole thing unfolded.

We know that the local police behaved very bizarrely by not involving the shooter and refusing to allow others (Border Patrol) to involve the shooter.

Eventually, Border Patrol said, “You screw up” and go inside, killing a special agent shooter, ending the nightmare.

And as for the shooter, many have a lot of legitimate questions about the 18-year-old unemployed kid who killed 19 little kids.

How did he get so much money to buy weapons and ammunition?

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According to the baby’s grandfather, Ramos was triggered the day his grandmother told him he had to pay for his own cell phone plan.

So, obviously, this unemployed kid had some financial problems… but can he still buy those expensive gears?

Well, a US soldier is not buying it, and he says nothing is being added.

You can watch the video below:

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Here’s what people are saying online:

The reason for sending the FBI (FumblingBumblinIdiots) is that there is no evidence the FBI wants to confirm that could lead to their involvement! “

“It’s a black-up Manchurian candidate-style genocide. Weak personality control through hacked subliminal commands in high level violent video game action. Where’s the Ramos Xbox console? Bet Feds took it. If it is in the “record”, then those hacked subliminal commands can be discovered. Very similar to the Vegas shooter. “

“Every day we have a police car cam, a body cam, a traffic cam, a school cam and a camera on every phone, how we have only 10 seconds of shaky, vague footage of Salvador Ramos (probably) walking around outside. ? No BTW, 10 seconds longer than Adam Langer. “

“You’re going to start to see this story fade away. The forces that no longer want to see it in the headlines. “

“Oh, and he forgot all the ammunition and range time to be able to use them.”

“I imagine the FBI dropped a duffel bag on his doorstep, then went and opened the door !!!”

Well, obviously, a lot of Americans don’t trust their government.

And do you blame them?

The U.S. government and all its law enforcement agencies have done nothing to show the American people that they deserve trust and respect.

Quite the opposite.

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We need to know how this unemployed former fast-food worker was able to get all this equipment, and it is strange that it has not been explained yet, or the media has not claimed to know the answer.

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