[VIDEO] The two doctors made an in-depth observation about Joe Biden’s entry

I love Dr. Eli David. I don’t know if you follow him on social media, but he’s got some amazing, flashy acceptance and observation.

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He called Joe Biden’s stupid entrance to the Jimmy Kimmel show, where he himself wore a mask when he opened the screen, and then opened it as he approached other people.

This is off the buffoonary chart of “Mask Theater”, but we are told it is “sCiENcE” and we have to believe it.

And while Dr. David was right about Joe’s silly entry with the mask’s nonsense, it was his friend, Dr. Farzaneh-Far, who made the best observation and made me think, “OMG! Yes! That’s what he said when I read it.

So, of course, I wanted to share this with you …

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Dr. Farzaneh-Farr is a highly respected cardiologist, and I think he nailed the completely liberal-masked obsession through his observations.

We see all this time, these masked-obsessed weird people wearing them alone, and then they remove them as they approach the crowd of people, so what?

Well, Dr. Farzaneh-Far has figured it out …

Here is what Doc said: “A mask is worn like a hat. You walk around alone after that and then open it up to greet people, sit down, and so on. “

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Bright!

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You can watch the video below:

Doc is right.

The faint, useless covid mask is a modern day “hat” for liberals.

They wear it when they wear clothes and when they go out. They wear it to impress their fellow liberals by saying, “Yes. I’m one of you. I got it, and I belong to it.”

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I really thought it was an interesting observation and something I had never thought of before.

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