[VIDEO] The sign language interpreter freezes when Joe Boches expresses his condolences to the family

Well, if a family member dies, please don’t ask Joe Biden to compliment him, because that would be a disaster.

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Especially if what happened today, during his speech, is a sign of how Joe respects the grieving family.

My lord, it’s hard to see …

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During Joe’s speech, he was trying to express his condolences to a family who had just lost a loved one, and in the usual bumblebee biden fashion, the whole thing turned upside down.

Imagine what that poor family was like, especially when the deceased was a “CFO who died.”

The poor sign language interpreter just stood there with his hands down.

This poor woman has one of the hardest jobs in the country.

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You can watch the video below: “Say goodbye to a guest in his speech:” My condolences to your family … uhhh … CFO who died so unexpectedly. “

Here’s what people are saying online:

“What is the American sign language sign for ‘Dropped Dead’?”

“What an ass”

“Shame on anyone who puts this guy in charge and doesn’t regret it.”

“This and Pelosi mentioned that we are at war with Iraq … tell me … the deadline.”

“Look how sympathetic this man is. Blessed is he who leads. Ha ha ha ”

“I mean, with these markets, who wouldn’t die a CFO?”

“Is this quite a master class on diplomacy and decoration?”

“I can hardly make it into these clips of Biden.”

“This is the man who represents us on the world stage.”

“Yesterday Karin Jean-Pierre panicked that anyone would question Joe’s mental capacity.”

“I know we say it all the time, but think about how the media would cover it if Trump said that.”

“Another unacceptable irrational insane leftist moment we live in the Obama Puppet Master World.”

“As I said … this country is a joke.”

“You get it when you think you can no longer be shocked by this fool. Incredible !! Hahahaha “

“So, Bo and your ex-wife,” Dead? “Ignorant career-sensitive politician.”

“President Frank Drabin.”

“What a wonderful way to screw people over. I voted for this man. ”

“Sounds comforting. It can’t be real.”

“If anyone is curious we have our country in the Gulf right now, check out this new video of our dual elected president”

“Can you imagine how people are listening to this gravy brain with geriatric dementia?”

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My concern is that the handlers are counting down the days until the midterms expire, so they can “activate” the Republicans to prosecute this man and get rid of him.

What a complete and complete disaster this fake presidency is.

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