[VIDEO] The parade shooter was wearing women’s clothing during the attack … but there is one

Police now say the Highland Park shooter was actually wearing women’s clothing when he attacked parade-passengers on July 4th.

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The left is trying very hard to politicize this shooting, claiming the gunman is a Trump supporter.

The shooter’s friend came forward and said, no, Robert Cremo was not a “Trump supporter” and he was not a left-winger either.

His friend said that the “rap artist” in Wanabe was not political … but he was getting mentally ill day by day.

And I’m talking about that illness.

Officials are trying to claim that Crimo wore women’s clothing to be “mixed.”


More news: No, July 4 “Highland Park Shooter” was not a Trump supporter … his friend confirmed the truth

Click2Houston reports that police say Robert E. Crimo III, the suspected gunman who fired more than 70 rounds at a Independence Day parade in a Chicago suburb and escaped early capture by mixing with the fleeing crowd disguised as women’s clothing. Crimo was originally identified as a person of interest, but authorities said a formal complaint is expected after Tuesday.

Details were revealed Tuesday when FBI agents peeked under trash cans and picnic blankets while searching for more evidence in Highland Park, a wealthy and close-knit community on the shores of Lake Michigan.

At least six people were killed in the attack. The attackers’ shots were initially mistaken for fireworks before the panicked fans fled. A day later, baby strollers, lawn chairs and other items left by the panicked parade gear remained in a wide police circle.

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You can watch the video below:

It seems to me that the man was wearing women’s clothing because he was mentally ill.

Because a man dressed as a woman is not “mixed”, in fact he is separated.

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I think now is the time for all of us to acknowledge that there is a lot of mental illness in this Z generation and to help some of these misguided, nihilist kids before they kill more innocent people.

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