[VIDEO] The KJP has just made the new Joe / Hunter “Voicemail” scandal a lot worse.

Karin is not helping Jean-Pierre Biden.

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In fact, he’s making his mess worse.

I’m talking specifically about the cursed “voicemail scandal” that has just been published.

The KJP is not handling questions about voicemail very well.

He panicked, and although the voicemail left by Biden proved that he was involved in Hunter’s business dealings, the KJP is still claiming that he was not.

And then when the questions get too heated, he simply claims that he was not “allowed” to discuss the matter.

What the heck ??

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Fox News reports that the White House avoided questions about a leaked voicemail Tuesday. .

President Biden has repeatedly refused to discuss Hunter’s business venture with him. Her son is currently under federal investigation into tax matters predicted by suspicious foreign transactions.

Biden told his crackhead son Hunter in the recording: “Hey Paul, this is Dad. Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. Call me if you have the chance. Nothing urgent — I just wanted to talk to you, ”Biden was heard to say in a 2018 voicemail. “I thought the article was published online, it would be published in the Times tomorrow, it was good. I think you’re clean. “

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You can watch the video below:

This newly unveiled voicemail is a huge bomb, and I’m sure the mainstream media isn’t interested in it আপনি you wouldn’t be surprised to know that.

That’s right, only on Fox News, the New York Post and right-wing sites and blogs do you see it.

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But I’m telling you, when the GOP takes the House and the Senate back, it’s better to put that voicemail in front and at the center of Biden’s impeachment trial star.

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