[VIDEO] The Chicago man showed the gun to a local news crew during a live story in the city

Joe Biden’s America is a scary and depressing place.

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Prices and crime are rising at an incredible rate.

Liberal cities like New York and Chicago feel like they’re being run by criminals these days, thanks to Dame’s “Defend the Police.”

And the criminals are shameless.

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See what happened in Chicago when a local Fox News crew went live on the streets of Windy City to talk about the violence… a man in a hood aimed his gun at the camera.

Fox News reports that Chicago police are seeking the community’s help in locating a man believed to have shown a gun to a Fox32 News crew during a live segment in the city’s River North neighborhood.

The Fox32 crew was doing a live segment on gun violence on Wednesday when a man walked behind reporter Joanie Loom and saw a pistol in the camera as she passed by. He stared at the camera as he walked down the street, still looking like he was holding a firearm.

Police called the man an “interested person” in the case and asked the community to help identify him and where he was. Those with information have been asked to call Chicago police at 312-744-8261.

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The mayor has imposed a curfew to reduce the wave of lightfoot crime.

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It seems to be working; Murders and shootings have decreased, now that children under the age of 18 cannot go out after 6pm except adults.

But while the numbers are dwindling, they are still much higher.

Laurie Lightfoot is definitely in trouble this election season. Let’s see if the people of Chicago dare to send packing before destroying the city completely.

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