[VIDEO] The “Camel Horizon” theory is going viral because that’s exactly what it is

I watched this video, and it really hit a jack with me.

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I know America has some serious problems, thanks to the Radical Democrat Party, but it was this “Camels on the Horizon” theory that put things in a general perspective for me.

So, what is this theory? Okay, before I show you, we have to admit that we can no longer maintain this trajectory.

Progressive awakening, where feelings, emotions, fantasies and mental illness reign day by day, is a cancer that is eating this country alive.

And the really bizarre part is that we are allowing minorities to push all this nonsense.

More news: At a time when the credibility of the J6 committee is crumbling, Tuesday night was the best for Trump!

Do you know how many people are in the “transgender” movement? When this whole dog and pony show started, it was less than one percent – so why on earth are we allowing these EC-BTC minorities to run shows and call shots?

Have we lost our minds?

It will be the death of this country.

Mentally ill, weird people on the sidelines are sitting around the general / intelligent majority. This is the best example of “prisoners running asylum” that you will ever see.

And this is truly our “Camels on the Horizon” moment.

The theory came from Dubai, from everywhere … and I don’t want to ruin it with my misleading explanation, because the woman in the video did a good job of explaining it, but I would say it’s very true, and we’re ‘240- again. Above the sign of the year, and if we don’t get our fast together, the camels will be on our horizon.

You can watch the video below:

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Well, what do you think about this theory?

It’s scary when you think about how close we are to losing what we’ve done and fought.

All because of the awakening and oppressive politicians.

And it doesn’t have to be this way.

But can we stop what is coming?

Can we stop trampling the camels that come our way?

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Time will tell … but the “silent majority” will have to get louder and louder if we have any hope of turning this mess around.

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