[VIDEO] The Black Liberal podcaster finally found out that Malcolm X was right

Everyone knows that the most racist, intolerant and dangerous people are white liberals.

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These are the ones who think very little of the minority, they actually believe that they are too stupid and “simple-minded” to get a photo ID.

White liberals have such a complexity of superiority that they think minorities will not be able to “make it” in this world without their help. And they support almost every movement started by minorities and make it their own.

White liberals also believe that blacks who do not adhere to liberal political ideology must be verbally, emotionally and even physically oppressed.

They believe that there is no limit to what you can say to blacks who shut down progressive plants াল abuse must be severe because these blacks must know they have done wrong and will stand as an example to other blacks when you lose your way.

Does this attitude sound familiar?

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Slaves are like masters, aren’t they?

That’s exactly what it is, and the name of one “liberal dissident” podcaster Clifton Duncan This attitude is noticed in how many white liberals are dealing with Justice Clarence Thomas after the Rowe v. Wade ruling.

Here is what Clifton said in one tweet after another. He also shared a screenshot of a tweet from a white liberal actor (warning: offensive language):

Malcolm X was right


Also remember, this person will be considered “politically black”

For those who do not know this reference. But be sure to listen to the full clip, you can find it on YouTube:


They cannot help themselves


It’s annoying to see, isn’t it?

I have also seen many such comments online.

“Uncle Clarence” was trending on Twitter.

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Anti-Trump actor Samuel L. Jackson also joined.

I guess Samuel L. Calling Jackson Justice Thomas an “uncle” was a green light for white liberals to be hog wild … because “loving / tolerant” white liberals see this disgusting, disgusting rubbish (warning: offensive language):

And here’s this wicked:


A white transgender is “allowing” others to use the n-word … fascinating how high these people think they are.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“There are less racist white nationalists than this, seriously. Think about it. ”

“In short: scratch the varnish from a progressive and a KKK member will appear below.”

“Left. They never change.”

“It’s rather strange how leftists react to problems that don’t get in their way ….”

“Liberals are going to show their true colors.”

“The way to Malcolm’s wisdom then was to recognize that white leftists are not racists! He knew … ”

“It’s incredibly awful. What the hell and yes, Malcolm X was absolutely right!”

“People, these liberals are irresistible. It’s actually embarrassing. Many of them need mental health care. ”

“It simply came to our notice then. Have you seen how they talk about Dr. Ben Carson? ”

“For the record, your friends who vote for Democrats generally think this kind of rhetoric is okay.”

“Friends, white liberal slave owners treat slaves who have escaped from the garden in this way. Why is it so difficult for some people to understand?”

“Liberals are usually guilty no matter what they accuse others of. It’s scary but he’ll give a pass because he’s on the “right” side.

“They say these things and then say, ‘I’m sorry, I’m very emotional.’

“I have seen a lot of this hatred towards Justice Thomas in the last two days. I’m sure 90% of the people who provide it have BLM mark on their lawn “

“You know, it wasn’t just Thomas who ruled Rowe vs. Wade, but they sure love set him apart, didn’t they?”

“It is not surprising that some of these people think that racism is ubiquitous. They see it in their social circles every day and every time they look in the mirror. “

I have to say, this rubbish makes my stomach sick. I can’t imagine saying this thing. Even in my deepest political resentment, it was never something that came to my mind.

Good Lord, I couldn’t stand Obama, but calling him a “racist slur” didn’t even cross my mind.

So, why does this behavior happen so consistently with white liberals?

I’ll tell you why – because they are the most power-crazy, intolerant, racist people among us.

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They’re dirty, and they cover up their own disgusting, racist disease by pointing fingers at others, shouting “RACIST”.

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