[VIDEO] Texas Army dad goes viral for standing guard outside his son’s school

A Texas father and Army vet are making news after posting at their son’s school.

The man, identified as Ed Chelby, is guarding the school after the shooting.

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Even though he is unarmed, he is comforting many parents, knowing that he sees something suspicious there.

BizPakreview reports that an Army veteran spoke to Fox News in a viral photo that showed him standing guard at his son’s school after the Uvalade massacre in Texas.

“I said I would be unarmed there to let people know I was watching. Let the parents get some relief, “Ed Chelby said in an interview with KWTX.

“I can’t let it go,” he declared. “It’s just a proof of insomnia because of the sadness of my experience.”

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A Central Texas father with a security background spoke to Fox & Friends First on Monday to discuss a photo of him guarding an elementary school entrance where his son falls and his wife works.

Chelby lives in Killin, about 180 miles northeast of Uvalade. Her son’s school is Cesaret Primary School.

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You can watch the video below:

It’s amazing that this guy is doing it. But he shouldn’t.

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Each of our schools should have heavily armed, well-trained security personnel and teachers should be trained to wield weapons and firearms while in the classroom.

And take down those stupid “song free zone” signs … it’s the most asinine thing I’ve ever seen.

Think about it… do we protect those old, greedy geysers in Congress that we don’t like, but our children are left to fend for themselves?

It doesn’t make sense and needs to change.

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