[VIDEO] Sunny Houston’s 33-second comment is so foreign, it does CNN

“The View” is a silly show.

Seriously, their combined knowledge about politics would fit on a teaspoon, and there would still be room left.

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It’s a show that actually shows CNN as “professional.”


I covered them more when Meghan McCain was there because at least it was somewhat interesting from a persistent “cat fight” perspective.

Now, I rarely think they are on the air.

But today, something happened in “The View” that really caught my attention.

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Sunny Houston, who has become a “radical” every time I see her, is completely off today. It was much better. Within 33-seconds, Sony has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that “The View” is the most dumb show on television, and he’s an unknown nun.

Yes, all in 33-seconds. Impressive right?

Here’s what Sunny said: “Democrats and Republicans are ideologically much different today than at any time in the last 50 years, and those ideological divisions have shattered the Republican Party as an extremist party, and the Democratic Party has actually moved to that center.”


You don’t agree with defending the police, 67 genders, 2nd graders, men having babies, women “screaming” for their abortions, allowing city officials to build massive shops, Draconian Cowid restrictions, and “literally Hitler” Rarely is everyone called. What I call “center”.

Sunny is smoking again with Hunter Biden.

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You can watch the video below:

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Pregnant man, child 3: Thomas BT has given birth to a boy - CBS News

These people are so out there… Sunny wandering around like a fool.

People like him are very ignorant and unaware of how they are perceived by most Americans – but it is very common for the elite.

There is no bloody sign of how much they dislike, ridicule and disrespect.

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But trust me, it will finally dawn on them … the truth always comes out.

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