[VIDEO] Serious questions about Pelosi’s mental health escalated after the annoyance

We need expiration limits.

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I saw a meme today, which you must see. One is a picture of Diane Feinstein when he first arrived in DC and the other is a picture of how he was when he finally left.

It’s unrealistic.

Why are we letting these old, confused old men run our country and ruin our lives?

And it’s not just Joe Biden who’s floating in a confused tapioca-pudding fog.

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Nancy Pelosi is right there with her. I don’t know what’s wrong with her – if it’s too much vodka, or if she’s so old and aged that she can’t think straight anymore, but today, speaking to the press, Pelosi was a year old. His track is completely lost and he declares that we are still in Iraq, fighting.


Good Lord, ladies, the United States has declared an end to the war in Iraq December 15, 2011About ten years after the war began.

It’s now 2022 কী What is Nancy Pelosi thinking?

Obviously, he’s not thinking …

What do I like about this guy who goes through the motions? “Rising snakeA tweet said: “The reality of gin-soaked lampshades with enough Botox to kill the whole army is zero and it feels like the United States is still fighting in Iraq.”


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Scary thing, right?

He is third on the line for the White House, an Alzheimer’s patient and behind the full and complete Dalt.

But this is the country and the life that the cosmopolitans want for you.

Don’t you think that we deserve better?

Why are we letting it go? I wouldn’t let Nancy or Joe plant my plastic plants, yet they have all this control over my country and my life?

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It feels empty … We have to get the politicians of this profession out of DC before they kill us all.

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