[VIDEO] Sen. Hawley responded to Biden by saying that the strength of our nation is “inflation.”

Joe Biden is an old man. We all know it, we see it every day, I’m tired of saying it, and I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it. But the last thing we can do is let it be “normal” and stop reporting on it.

That’s what they’re hoping for.

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We will not.

We will call all of his mistakes and amnesia moments, no matter how unnecessary, because they have installed a person with “Alzheimer’s” in the White House so that they can control him like a puppet and ruin our lives in the process and we win them or others. Don’t let anyone forget.

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And it seems to be working – we see at least some movement from Republicans who are now reacting to Joe’s mental illness, like Josh Howley, when Joe Biden claimed that our country’s power is in fact “inflated.”

Yes, during another catastrophic pressure, full of insults, confusion and misinformation, Biden claimed that we as a nation have strong thanks for inflation.

Absolutely stupid.

Josh tweeted only two words about it, but that’s okay… he made his point with “my righteousness.”

Yes, “my righteousness” really.

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This person has tapioca pudding for the brain.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Yeah corn pop has no idea what else he’s talking about.”

I’ve struggled with English as a second language… but I swear this guy is morally, intellectually, and physically unfit to serve! #FJB

“25th Amendment !!!”

# Fascinated Joe Today the economy has stumbled through his teleprompter speeches. You could say he didn’t write a word of it. # Biden Is # Aging And # Ineligible And blames everyone else for it # Failed Policy. Biden has been on his knees before # The Squad On # People of America

“OMG, please get him back in the basement!”

Looks like he’s not getting enough baby formula to work normally himself! #FJB # Come on Gobrandon

“What is this dementia patient saying?”

Well, this guy had nothing but problems in his best days, one after the other. Now, with the obviously declining faculties, he’s not only too smart, he’s literally dangerous! #DemocratsRadSuster # Impichbiden

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I mean, Biden is right – his strength is inflation, it’s really the only thing he’s actually “built back” on.

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