[VIDEO] See this crazy put MAGA King just sinks really deep

President Trump is a really good golfer.

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Remember how often Obama would golf, like every day, and he would still suck it?

Well, this is not the case with the “Maga King” President Trump, who recently got a hole-in-one, and now, he has landed in this long, deep pit while golfing his course.

“Maga King” is clearly an endorsement of Joe Biden’s new nickname for President Trump, which everyone, including Trump, likes.

He even shared a “Maga King” meme on Truth Social.


You have to love it … I think President Trump is crazy that he didn’t think of his own nickname.

This is literally the only great thing Joe Biden has ever done.

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But I think Trump has forgotten all those things, when he was on the golf course.

Watch the video below:

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It’s nice to see Trump enjoy.

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I hope he has a lot of fun right now because we have to get him back in two years.

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