[VIDEO] Put your hands down, no one on earth can excite the left in 14 seconds, even better

I don’t think you can get more “Ultra Maga” than that, folks …

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Don Jr. likes to pee on the left side and he actually likes to watch them melt.

And today was no exception.

As you probably know, Joe Biden fell again … this time, he got on his bike.

His legs got stuck in the pedals, probably because of his motor skills, and he fell down like a hammer bag.

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According to his favorite press, he is fine, he has no injuries, and Spring has returned like a fresh spring chicken and started chatting with reporters.

Do you believe it

I believe that as much as I believe Joe received 81 million legal votes.

However, they are carrying the story that he is well, so the memes are getting faster and faster.

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And Don Jr. got his hands on a smile, which will surely blow the heads of liberals.

It’s only 14-seconds, but boy, if you look at the comments, the liberals are mad.

I will not post their comments, they are very obscene and disgusting, but rest assured, they are very butt-hitting.

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I saw this one. It’s a classic.

Everyone is laughing, Joe’s condition is bad.

Remember last week or the week before, he climbed the stairs of Air Force One again.

And it all comes down to when more and more Americans tell the Polstars that they don’t think Joe Biden is fit for the office.

He doesn’t.

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It doesn’t matter, but it is true. Joe Biden is weak and frail, and he has a brain that no longer works.

He has no business pretending to be “president”.

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