[VIDEO] President Trump’s former speech just shared a clip from January 7 that will

As you probably know by now, Dames and RINO are getting ready for their big “J6 prime-time” show.

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That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “-

Why are you asking

Well, when you Americans fight to meet the end, to put food on the table, to pay for gas, or to buy baby formula, and Dames thinks the only thing is January 6, and the stolen fax machine of chalk count, it really puts things right. , Isn’t it?

I think Jim Jordan did it best:

More news: WSJ Reporter: “I rented an electric car for a four day road trip. I spent more time charging than sleeping. “

“When are primetime hearings on record crimes in Democrat-run cities?”

And this evil:

“When’s the primetime hearing on the infant formula shortage?”

Oh, and let’s not forget the terrible gas prices:

“When will there be a primetime hearing on every gallon of gas?”

But you won’t see any of it on TV, because Democrats hate the middle class and actually enjoy making you miserable.

But it’s not just Dames, it’s Renault.

Traitorous globalists like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger and the MAGA and the whole of America are working side by side with the Dames to destroy the First Movement.

In fact, Adam Kinzinger is the man who defended the suspected Fed-informant Ray Apps. You remember him, don’t you? He is the man who was seen inciting all sorts of “rebellious” things on January 5 and 6, but this man has never been arrested.

Okay, today, Darren Beatty, who was the former author of President Trump’s speech and who ran Revolver news, A short, but extremely powerful clip from Ray Ipsos has been shared which confirms that little Adam Kinzinger is crying again.

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Here is what Darren said: “This is the only one that will save Adam Kinzinger, the January 6 participant! No arrests have been made yet … “

This is the worst one minute 28 seconds you can see:

Here’s what people online say:

“January 6 was a false flag”

“It was all planned.”

“The people in that crowd were brave patriots and they knew Epps was a feeding.”

“Why did the FBI raid a leading Republican candidate for governor and arrest him on January 6 for” pointing “to the Capitol (he never actually entered the building), and yet Ray Apps was released?!?!”

“How come Ray Apps aren’t in jail?” It was an internal affair and the American people know it! “

“It’s called a political hit, and everyone can see it.”

“Is it Ray Ips? Provoking the January 7 riots? Last night? Planned “

“This man needs to be charged with inciting riots.”

“The federal government raids the federal building and the federal media says you should have less rights.”

“Will Ray Apps be on TV comedy tonight @ FBI or is he on vacation in an unknown place?” See something and say something … your words!

Our non-violent J6 political prisoners are still in solitary confinement, but this guy is roaming free like a bird …

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And the Fed and Biden governments are wondering why we don’t believe them a disgusting word?

President Trump gave today’s best in this post by Truth:

January 6th was an amazing moment when the patriots came together.

It’s a shame that bad actors like Ray Apps and others took advantage of this and created chaos and violence.

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