[VIDEO] President Trump predicted his “Row vs. Wade” legacy to Chris Wallace

Okay, it finally happened … SCOTUS showed no fear, they didn’t cave in to the leftist crowd, and they issued their verdict on Row vs. Wade, hitting it off.

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Now, you will see lots of screaming and gnashing of teeth from the left side, who think this verdict means abortion is now illegal.

Sadly, this is not true.

This ruling means that abortion laws will now be decided by the states, as they should be.

Now, that’s nothing to ridicule. This is a huge victory… perhaps the biggest conservative victory of all time.

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This means we will see far fewer abortions and abominable groups like planned parents go out of business because they will no longer receive federal funding.

This is an amazing victory that could not have happened without his appointment to President Trump and SCOTUS.

This is his legacy, and this is a misleading one, and he predicted that it would happen, just as it did, during the first debate in 2020.

Here is what Trump said to Chris Wallace when he asked if he wanted to overturn Rowe v. Wade.

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What an amazing and historic moment it is.

President Trump had a plan, and he stuck to it and it worked.

Presidents often do not enjoy such an amazing legacy as President Trump.

I hope he jumps into the brilliance of this moment and soaks it up because he deserves it.

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He will go down as our greatest Conservative President of all time in history, meaning tweets and all!

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