[VIDEO] People are literally falling asleep during the J6 hearing LOL

I can’t imagine that Liz Cheney would be happy to receive this clip.

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The old girl is getting really whimsical for her failed J6 hearing, which is not exactly what she thought it would be.

I think Liz watched the tune of “81 Million” Americans tune in to the hearing and was convinced that a bunch of unarmed people walking around the Capitol with fanny packs and US flags were actually “violent rebels” who were there to kill Mike Pence and The entire U.S. government was overthrown, and President Trump was behind the scenes plotting a coup.

More news: Richard Grenell wants to make sure you can see the plot unfolding right now

Yes, that’s the story Dames and Rhino are trying to sell, and nobody in America talks about what happened 18 months ago in Haiti.

The only things that need to be investigated are Ashley Babbitt’s murder and Pelosi, and the FBI’s role in all of this.

I mean, haven’t we already had a failed impeachment trial over Trump’s so-called “part” in J6?

Why are they wasting more time and money on this nonsense in the name of God, especially when we have so much inflation and rising gas prices and all the other horrible problems happening in Joe Biden’s depressing America?

And to make matters worse, the hearings are so painfully annoying that people literally fall asleep while testifying.

As I said, Liz would not be happy about this.

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Ha ha ha …


Here’s what people are saying online:

“A little interrogation will make things come alive, don’t you think?”

“I did not see the end, because I fell asleep. Someone needs to capture the essence of this shit show and bottle it up as a powerful cure for insomnia. What a waste of money. A perfect demonstration, as if we had another need for this illegitimate rule. “

“The whole dog and pony show is a snooze.”

“Are you sure he is not dead? People have been mysteriously dying in their sleep since Jabe. ”

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This J6 thing is nothing more than a shameful political blow job and a tremendous waste of time and resources and the American people understand it, are asleep or awake.

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