[VIDEO] Pelosi has tried to quote scripture on the pretext of sending another $ 40 billion

I really want this to happen.

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I really hope that this old fashioned political pruning will be destroyed by lightning whenever they lie… it will really make our lives a lot easier, won’t it?

I guess thinking is important … it’s a beautiful sight, anyway.

But while Pelosi is not isolated by lightning, I would like to point out the heinous lies that are spreading.

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In this clip Pelosi sounds like we are sending to Ukraine all these billions “to feed the hungry”.

Give me a break, you?

If you really believe this nonsense, you’re probably reading it from inside your house, quadruple-waxed, wearing a mask, holding your faux bubblehead.

No one in the half-brain believes that Hui, even Nancy knows that it is a hard pill to swallow, which is why he throws it at the end of the scripture.

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I saw a comment on this from the well-respected Polstar Richard Barris and I had to share it with you because he got it right.

Here’s what Richard Dr.:

Funny, but more importantly, his claim was nonsense. We are not sending “food for the world” or even food for Ukrainians. The lion’s share of this 40 billion will go into the pockets of Adam Schiff’s arms dealers. If only the Americans knew.

That’s right.

Money will not feed the hungry soul, for crying out loud, are you kidding me? Leaving plenty for politicians and their families and friends, it is being whitewashed and going directly into the pockets of the military-industrial complex.

And what’s even more annoying is that they will lie, and send our hard-working tax dollars abroad for their own pockets, when mothers back home can’t even get a baby formula, and middle-class families can’t freak out. Chicken run.

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Here’s what people are saying online:

“It’s ridiculous how people attack religion but use it to make people look religious and caring. If politicians truly believe in this scripture, we will not have the problem of homelessness. “

“And Matthew said, ‘Give me your money … so I can redistribute it badly and keep some for myself.'”

“Go under the rabbit hole of all the homeless / hungry people in his own district. He has been responsible for decades … he is really disgusting … warning those who use scripture to lie to you in front of your eyes …”

“To drag the United States into WWIII, to boot”

“Satan can also quote scriptures.”

“This horrible fossil has to go.”

Think about it – after finishing your life with this covid BS you had to ask these monsters to send 1200 bucks, but they will run like the wind to send billions upon billions of aliens… and if it doesn’t bother you stop and you vote all these scumbags Determined to do, from both sides of the corridor, I seriously do not know what will happen …

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