[VIDEO] Pelosi goes awry when a reporter brings up the security of SCOTUS

Nancy Pelosi does not want to hear about death threats and assassination attempts from her fellow leftist fundamentalists.

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Because the moment a reporter mentioned the safety of SCOTUS judges, Pelosi became absolutely nasty.

Why would Nancy trigger so badly for talking about the safety of conservative judges?

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It will bother any ordinary people?

Well, Pelosi is annoyed that the violence and mental illness from the side of his isle have been fully displayed, especially on a day when he wants to mourn the departure of Chuck Schumer’s fax machine during the January 6 clashes.

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It really bothered Pelosi that he had to admit to attempting to assassinate Kavanagh and you can tell how annoyed he was that he spat so venomously at this reporter.


Here’s what people are saying online:

“Let me talk to the farmers”

“Just send them some bulletproof backpacks and run shooter drills. They’ll be fine … OK? That’s good enough for school kids. “

“Where’s the flapping lip flapping hand super high eyebrow rage?” That’s right. Kavanagh is not a liberal, so it’s okay if people want to kill him. “

“Pelosi sounds drunk, I hope she’s not driving like her drunken husband.”

“Beaden Admin Qualifications: Dementia, Brain Damage or Drunkenness. “

“Why is he so crazy? LOL it was a valid and really normal question from a reporter.”

“We can pass whatever we like here.” Not a quote you should ever hear from a home speaker. “

“We’re being driven around by worn-out, angry old fools.”

This is the last thing Pelosi needs, just as he is trying to convince America that what happened more than a year ago, involving the theft of office supplies, is worse than a death threat from an armed leftist Lun against a sitting Scottish judge.

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This is going to be a really tough sale for Nancy.

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