[VIDEO] O’Reilly says the entire U.S. was unveiled very quickly when Biden created one

There’s been a lot of talk about Biden being a puppet and he’s not running the show, and although I agree with a lot of people that Joe Biden has oatmeal for his brain, I think he’s perceived more “on board” than most of us.

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And by “onboard,” I mean, he’s left-handed in the Green New Deal nonsense, all-in-one.

It can’t be far from the truth … Biden was an aristocrat and always was, and his “Blue Collar Uncle Joe” personality was a lie. Joe Biden was a cosmopolitan throughout his political life and an ardent supporter of the “New World Order”.

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So, although big names and better brains can pull the strings, Joe Biden is a willing participant in the destruction of the United States.

Because see, these cosmopolitans believe that in order to implement the New World Order, the old world order must be destroyed, and if it harms or destroys Americans in the process, however, the latter always justifies the ways, for these ghosts.

Think of it this way – it’s worth it if you have to get rid of a virus and kill millions of people to get rid of an “orange monster” planet.

You have to pay that price for progress.

And that’s how these nutbags feel …

So, yes, I believe that what Joe and his handlers are doing is destroying the “old world order” and they hope you don’t notice, and blame Putin, or Covid, or Larry for it – except for Joe. Someone else.

But as Bill O’Reilly brilliantly mentioned, it’s all Joe – or Joe’s people, who are destroying everything they touch … and it’s happening so fast, you can hardly continue. And that’s why I like this clip, because unlike many other scholars, Bill has drilled for the key step Biden took to start the destruction of America.

It was energy.

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That was the crucial moment … and he started there and ended our energy independence because you can’t make a green new deal when the country is strong and growing in fossil fuels.

You can watch the video below:

I know some of you will look at it and think, “Well, Duh, of course, he’s doing it …” And it’s good that you understand that, but there are a lot of people out there who can’t find it to scrap Trump’s energy plan. Took a step.

It was so easy and so easy for Joe to wipe out America, and it shouldn’t be.

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Joe Biden and his handlers plan to throw America in the gut and rebuild it with the Green New Deal … that’s their plan, and God help anyone on their way.

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