[VIDEO] Orange nervously repeats the phrase “work together” five times in a row

No one in the world can give a better sounding salad than Orange Harris.

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He sounds like a 7th grader who wrote a 200-word essay, but the teacher told him it had to be 400 words… he just kept repeating the same thing over and over to hit the word target.

Orange Hands Down, one of the worst public speakers I’ve ever heard, and when you listen to him, you understand why he had to be dropped from Dam Primary so early. He really sounds like an incompetent fool.

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And we know what an incompetent fool looks like, doesn’t he? After all, we hear tapioca breath all day, but at least he has an excuse to sound like an aging buffoon; He has some advanced cognitive disorder, what is the cause of Kamal?

In this clip below, Orange is so excited about climate change and “working together” that she repeats the phrase 5 times in about 30 seconds.

Very awkward.

As always, Orange sounds uncertain, insecure and nervous while running.

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This is a woman who is clearly above her head.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying online:

“This is our Brainiac VP …”

“Yeah, do you think she wants to work together or something?”

“Because there, seriously there. There. ”

“Now is the time to continue what we have done.”

“She did it. She completed the word count even though she had nothing to say.”

“Okay we’re getting punk right now, aren’t we? This woman is just an absolute joke.”

“This is a rhetorical equivalent of increasing the font size and widening the margins to meet the length requirements of a written page.”

Well, this explains why # The word saladkamala Have a tendency “

“She’s the most empty in the suite.”

“I am fortunate that this woman has zero public speaking skills and a 3rd grade vocabulary.”

“Orange went to the Harris School of Redundancy School of Repetitive Speech Writing School.”

The thing that gets me, is someone actually paid for him to write this glop.

And why is that person writing this slop, still have a job?

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Why is this remedial nonsense being approved? Do they even have an approval process? Isn’t it acceptable to see orange fall? And why can’t he talk off the phlegm? Or is it actually talking off his cuff ??

I have a lot of questions.

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