[VIDEO] Orange Just Had The Most Uncomfortable “Please Clap” Moment You Ever

Orange Harris is the queen of Kringz.

This woman is so uncomfortable with her own skin and so deep on her head that no matter how much coaching she gets and how many PR specialists she hires, she can’t act like a normal human being.

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If you follow the Johnny Depp trial, the orange politicians are “amber hard”. If you don’t follow this, it means that Kamala is probably suffering from “Borderline Personality Disorder”.

When he’s not shaking like a crazy mental patient, he’s making word salads that are made in a zero sense.

He may have been one of the worst politicians I’ve ever met, and we didn’t notice how bad he was in the Senate just because he was part of a larger “team” of politicians. He just blended and faded away.

Here, he is center-stage, and this is one of the largest and bloodiest train wreckage I’ve ever seen.

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It is now understood why he was forced to drop out of Dam Primary so early.

And just like Joey, whenever Kamala gets up to talk, something happens… and this recent incident, where Kamala was talking about the yellow school bus (and sarcasm) was no exception.

How do you sin about talking about school bus, you wonder? Who knows … but Kamala did it … and she ends one of the most awkward “please clap” moments you’ll ever see.

We all remember the original “please clap” moment, didn’t we?

It happened with the pocket! Bush during the 2016 GOP primary.

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And now, here’s the orange “please clap” moment, where only one person clapped. It’s hard to see.

The speed of God.

You can watch the video below:

I told you it was hard to see.

It doesn’t sound more awkward than that, does it?

Here’s what people are saying online:

“She’s like an aunt who’s always drunk and never gets invited to formal gatherings.”

“Please, please, please, please, clap … some people clap”

“Thanks be to God, he has cleared up the mystery of what big rolling objects are to children outside of school … as well as taught us about the color of these objects! And what purpose they serve … Now we’re really getting somewhere in this country!”

“Has anyone in the White House offered to allow Kamala to speak again?” “

“Really nice. This woman’s intelligence and insight into the problems facing America is amazing. No one said.”

“I have never seen a VP smile so much when he is talking at the third level, he can go to a higher level of communication. What an insult. “

“Did anyone notice he had a JB! ‘Please clap’ moment ?? LOL”

“Incompetence, ugliness and ignorance are just wonderful.”

“Wow, he’s really on the cutting edge of what’s happening in America. This is exactly what the US Vice President is doing. “

“That guy clapped for the bus hahaha”

“He has convinced himself that his every word is the same as that of Martin Luther King.”

I don’t think Joe Biden will make it to his full term, so this cacophony will probably one day be sworn in as “President.”

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And when that happens, I’m predicting that he’ll do more harm to the Democrats than Joe – which is a lot to say – but less so in the United States, because Dames won’t have Congress.

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