[VIDEO] Orange is okay? At the recent Kakal-fest, people are wondering if there is more

Orange Harris has a very trigger-happy funny bone. This woman thinks that everything under the sun is knee-deep.

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I think his smile is a nervous habit. I think she’s so uncomfortable with her skin and her position that she smiles this way to relieve her stress or move away from her insecurities.

This lady is obviously not ready for prime-time and it shows.

Today, Kamala was discussing the real “uncomfortable” subject of drought, but still, she found something so funny about it that she almost shook like a crazy hyena.

Orange was describing his experience with a drought that grew in California in the 70’s, and when he mentioned some Oakland radio stations, he almost fell off the podium with such a loud jolt.

Not sure what was so funny about that radio station, we never got a “punchline” from him.

But the worst part about Kamala was that she was the only one smiling.

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The crowd remained silent.

You can hear a pin drop.


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I don’t get what is so funny, and obviously, the audience is not.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“I don’t think I can get this woman less approval.”

“Her smile is a sign of her weakness and the way she uses it to confuse others.”

“Yes, the drought is ridiculous. What an embarrassment. “

“Talking like that for something important is a sign of a personality disorder.”

“KDIA is an Oakland radio station that started in the 50’s and was referred to as” Lucky 13 “because of its placement on the ৷ 1310 AM frequency. Not sure why he thought it was funny … “

“If someone yells at me, ‘What’s so funny?'”

“Meanwhile, he turned on every call he could find and laughed at the farmers while tupacing and smoking.”

“The lack of self-awareness is obvious.”

“Hey guys, the lesson here is don’t take magic mushrooms before you talk.”

“The Caclar in Chief”

“Someone else said it, but it’s worth repeating. His cockle shows that he is lying. No one saw the mountains turn from green to brown, and when I was living in CA in the 1970s, we were told to save water. I pray we make it in the next 2.5 years, but I don’t really see it happening. What was once a representative republic is rapidly becoming a dictatorship.

“Personally, I think she’s very socially awkward.”

“He is a very nervous Marxist and does not like to speak in public. Maybe dictator Joe could send him to coding class. “

God help us if this woman ever becomes the next fake president, chances are good she will.

I just don’t see Joe doing it his full term.

Dems itching to get rid of him.

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When that happens, and he’s in charge, he’ll cry like Lun and the rest of the country will cry.

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